Illamasqua Equinox


The Equinox area started out life as a Halloween site. This spooky site was decorated with pumpkins, scorpions, crows and an eerie graveyard background. There was also space to complete 6 simultaneous┬ámake-up consultations showcasing the brands collection celebrating All Hallows’ Eve.


After three days the Halloween site was updated over night to the Equinox site.

Based on constellation theme this site was designed to house make up stations, media players and theatrical activity. With lustrous tones and sparkling accents, the site had a high quality finish enhancing the brand awareness through mini makeovers and Tarot card readings.


A modular design created for the quick application of further updates getting the most of of the unique units..


Large visuals with high impact areas of interest really draws in the clients.

Key Features

Multiple Locations

Simultaneously installed to multiple Selfridges locations within London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Overnight Conversion

We were challenged with converting a spooky Halloween site into a Tarot readers space. The site in Selfridges on Oxford Street was converted through the evening after trading.


During the promotion, customers had the opportunity to upload their photos of their makeover to appear on the TV screen built into the column structure.

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