To help our clients design, develop, produce and install amazing retail promotions, furniture and interiors. We want to initiate world class retail promotional opportunities.


Our team love to get hands-on. The dedicated team of creative designers, development engineers, project managers, account managers & production staff all work together to create an efficient process for delivering your goals.

Edge Retail - Retail design - 3d Concepts
Edge Retail - Retail design - High-end displays
Edge Retail - Retail design - Bespoke designs

Our Services

Conceptual Design

We all start somewhere. Our team of creative minds can generate ideas based on your needs, or help to further develop your own concepts. We use both hand drawings and CAD visuals to help visualise your brand’s ideas. Together we will develop your retail solutions.

Technical Development

Our experienced team of technical developers will take your concepts and make them real. We can create fully detailed drawings and diagrams to make sure every spec is covered. All levels of health and safety will be observed to keep your units within guidelines; from topple tests to making sure nothing is too heavy to handle.

Graphic Design and Printing

Your key images and brand logos are what really make your items stand out from the rest. Whether you need full files to be created or simply for your artwork to be made ‘print-ready’, our graphic designers can help. We are trained to follow even the strictest guidelines to ensure your items look as eye-catching as possible. We also have the capabilities to organise the print either by utilising our on-site printers or through our trusted partners.

Project Management

Sometimes a project needs lots of organisation. Our team of project managers specialise in making things happen, on time and on-plan. From smaller one-off units to full-scale interiors, and everything in between. Edge’s retail solutions will make it happen.

In-house Manufacture

15000 sq ft of production floor where we specialise in woodworking. We have the capabilities that mean we can make one-off units or larger productions runs to cater for your needs. Our trained teams will look after your builds every step of the way. For those really awkward bits, we have the hardware to 3D print components.

Installation and fitting

Our skilled, experienced installation teams have been into most retail environments, from local hair salons to premium department stores. They will install in a timely manner and can complete any last-minute changes if needed so the end result is exactly as you imagined!

After sales service

Sometimes things can work out differently to your plans; your project manager will always assist you to resolve any issues that aren’t quite to your liking. We also offer ongoing site maintenance to keep your branded spaces in their best condition.


Based in a 20,000 square foot factory, our new dedicated storage facility is available to offer storage and logistic facilities for your retail unitary and promotional furniture.

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Our aim is to be regarded as an integral part of your business; by providing a personal, friendly and unique service with practical solutions to help your brands grow and excel beyond expectations. We look to tailor our service to your individual requirements to ensure you get the end result that you want and expect.

Edge Retail - Retail design - Leicester Head Office
Edge Retail's green credentials

Green Credentials

Edge is not always red, we strive to be green!

Recycling facilities have been installed in every department. We endeavour to re-use and recycle all materials. Metals are collected separately for bulk recycling and wood is inspected for use in our furnace to keep the team warm!

Saving energy is paramount to our business plan. To achieve this we have refurbished the buildings original glass block windows. This helps minimise the use of our low energy lighting during daylight hours. We have updated our fleet of company vehicles to hybrid or fully electric; additionally, plug-in charging points have become an integrated part of the company parking scheme. To reduce our carbon footprint and generate clean energy; The roof space of our properties have been prepared for the implementation of solar panels.

We avidly promote cycling to work for all employees; we are members of the cycle to work scheme which allows members of staff to purchase bikes at lower costs. Many of our staff now cycle to and from our locations. Cycling can be a sweaty business, so showering facilities have been installed to help keep our staff refreshed.

Our chosen suppliers have been vetted for ethical labour principles.

We actively support both local and national charities through regular fundraising activities.

Have a look at our portfolio

We have undergone the installation of a number of sites over the years, have a look through our portfolio for some inspiration.

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